“Coon Tunes 7 (Independence Day Edition)” – Chef Waites and Son Of SolomonT


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The homies Chef and Solomon are back at it after an hiatus. Coon Tunes 7 is a fresh reboot to the franchise. Now featuring drops from everyday people who been rocking with the tape since day one, this tape is “For the People, By the people”. In edition to the Coon Throwbacks that have been around since day one, They’re now featuring some hot tracks from indy artists. Look out for the hottest new joints from people like Young Thug, Jeezy, KCamp, basically anyone who will make your trunk rattle. So go ahead and download this and throw it on while u fire the grill up.

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“CONscience” – Conley P


Yet another entry into the Conley P library. This time Conley really making sure you not walking around unaware of how life really is out here. The beats on here and the message on every track are crazy. His wordplay gets better with every offering. My favorite tracks so far are “Insane (Intro)” “Queen In The Smoke” “Evangelize” “My Niggas So Ready” and “New Birth”. The wordplay on “Devil’s Diary” is very very very mean.

Once he fully perfects his style Conley is going to be a major force to reckon with. His growth amazes me everytime he drops something new.

Shouts out to Nate Wavy, Cee, G.Q., and Awkword N’ Words for their contributions.

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